Random Memes – 6/21

Since there have been so many senseless shootings lately, I find myself glad that I’m a homebody who has no need to go out to different places. Lately, I’m suddenly more acutely aware that there could be a gunman in my midst than a person who is positive with COVID. Wearing a mask isn’t going to help when bullets are involved.

So, I decided to look through my gathering of memes and try to find some that resonated positiveness and/or spoke personally to me about where I am in my current psyche.

Here are some I want to share:

I’m 100% guilty of not wanting to expose others to me when I’m struggling.

Another way I need to keep reminding myself that struggling is okay.
My struggle? I can’t forgive myself until I’ve forgiven every other person first.
As I get better at saying “no”, I feel happier even if I make others unhappy.

This is such strong truth that I want it poster-sized on every wall to remind me!
Obviously, I’ve “lived with”, or at least through, all of the choices I’ve made. Now I’m learning how to make choices based on my OWN needs and wants.
I have to learn to accept that at times I need space to pull myself together and give that gift to myself. I’m making progress!