Practice Self Care (Ann Campbell)

I recently read this article in a small community booklet I receive once-a-month, and I thought the material was important enough that I wanted to spread the word. So thank you to Ann Campbell, who wrote these words:

“One of the current buzzwords is ‘self care’. We see it everywhere these days, on every platform. It is a relatively new term, and it might lead one to wonder just what it means. The online definition reads “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress”. Well, since 2020 has basically been one big ball of stress, I guess it makes sense why the word is being used more and more often these days. However, just a definition isn’t enough to express what it really means, and how we can apply it every day to ourselves.

“Self-care applies across many facets of one’s life. In the most basic terms, it means seeing a doctor and being proactive about one’s bodily health and well-being. It also applies to one’s mental health as well and here is where it gets nuanced. Yes, it means seeking professional help if your mental state is one that has deteriorated to a point where you need help and support, but it also means finding joy in your daily life. It’s not just spa trips and massage appointments, it is thinking hard about what you like and making that be a part of your daily experiences.

“There are some simple ways to add small joys to your daily life, little things that build your self-care regimen to improve your world. Get a candle or a melter in a scent that makes you happy. Get rid of any clothes in your closet that make you feel unattractive. Play that song that always makes you want to dance. Buy yourself a sparkly piece of costume jewelry and watch the light play on it. Spend that extra three minutes in the shower with the water pounding on your back. Call that person that always makes you laugh. Find out what time the sun rises or sets tomorrow and take a minute to stop and look at it.

“Small acts of self-care seem simple, but they help in large ways. At the end of the day, you need to be important to you, so take a minute to treat yourself well.”

P.S. You’ve heard me use this quote before, but it always bears repeating: “Fill your own cup first and nourish others with the overflow.”