This. Just This.

We are all cognizant that we live in a world where many people think that their opinions and ways of doing things are right and are, therefore, quick to judge others who don’t esteem to the same opinions and ways of doing things. Racism, as a definition, now expands beyond the color of your skin and includes such things as political beliefs, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. This saddens me, and I know of others who are also saddened by the state of humanity today.

For those who choose to judge me for ways in which my beliefs and values are different than yours, I want to say this, just this:

How often have wise sages told us that, in order to love others, we must first love ourselves? I heard it said this way: You can’t give to anyone else what you don’t possess to give. We’re not talking about self-ego. That is something entirely different. Self-love is accepting who you are, with all of your flaws and imperfections, and striving each day to be the best person you can be, to yourself and then to others.

So, if you find yourself judging others because they are somehow “different” from you, you need some lessons in self-love. And, when we learn to love ourselves, with all of those imperfections and flaws, then we are able to love others with the same compassion that we give to ourselves.

My hope is that each of my readers will love themselves more and judge others less. Happy self-loving!