Gratitude for the Small Things

In these trouble times, in our country and all around the world, it’s easy for all of us to grumble about what’s going on. But this morning, I took a moment to be grateful for an object I have in my home, and it led me on a journey to find other things, that I often take for granted, for which to be thankful.

I’m thankful for my Brita pitcher. My Keurig works better with filtered water, and I drink water which I prefer to taste like, well, like nothing! Store shelves last week were empty of all of the gallons of spring/distilled water, and the cases of bottled water were flying from the shelves at a rapid pace (I saw one couple loading 4 cases into their vehicle). My trusty Brita pitcher, which I never think about being a big deal, is something I can be grateful for!

I’m grateful that I don’t buy much from – or care for shopping at – our local Walmart. I buy my paper and cleaning products there, so when I’m getting a little low on something, I stock up on everything I might be running a little low on in the near future at the same time. Yes, eventually I will run low again (toilet paper will probably be the first thing, heaven forbid!), but I’m good for a least 2 more weeks, and there are other brands at the grocery store I can purchase if need be. So yea, I’m grateful that I don’t like shopping at Walmart and make certain I’m well stocked when I DO shop there!

I’m grateful that I’m a “nester” by instinct each winter, so my pantry is also in decent shape. This would be the time I would start letting things run down, with spring to come sometime soon. I’m the same way with my freezer foods. If it wouldn’t be for the fact that I use milk in my coffee, I could stay away from the grocery stores for a good month or more before things started to look like Mother Hubbard’s cupboards!

I’m grateful that my medications, except for one, come in 90-day supplies. I’m also grateful that my drug store has a drive-thru window for medication pickup, so I don’t have to worry about social distance when I do need to get a refill.

I’m grateful that I have a large to-be-read pile of books. Yes, sometimes I’m grumpy about wondering if I’ll ever get through them, but I’m grateful to know they are there to entertain me.

I’m grateful that I’m a homebody by nature. My calendar remains largely clear of things to do except doctor appointments, hair appointments and nail appointments. I’m a little sad that my bestie and I decided to cancel our monthly lunch date, because I really enjoy that one-on-one time in person. But we’ve got emails and texts and a standing monthly lunch date, so we will keep in contact and eventually reconnect in person for that quality time.

I’m grateful for the electronic technology that often makes me want to pull my hair out, but also allows me to stay in contact with friends, even those scattered across the globe, and I am savvy enough to be able to do my banking needs online.

I’m grateful that, except for the grocery store and occasional trips to the thrift stores, I don’t like shopping in general. This gal will suffer no withdrawal from all of the stores being closed!

If I put some thought into it, I could easily come up with more things that I take for granted in my normal, everyday life – and I think with a little thought, you, too, could find things in your life that, during this time, you should be grateful for. In fact, I encourage you to take a little time and discover what they are in YOUR life. Turn the negativity into positive feelings about your blessings, even the smallest ones. Your psyche will appreciate you if you do!