Angels Among Us

I received a couple of comments on my last post about the joys of being an empath that my post felt like a cliffhanger. That certainly wasn’t my intent. My intent was a unique post to talk about and share the story of this person.

Her name is Shellie….this person who allowed me to slip into her heart and find her love there being directed at me. She is why I needed to write a blog about the joys of being an empath.

Let me start this story a little further back. Shellie is known by the name Tinkerbell (from me, it’s StinkyTink LOL). I met Shellie in a somewhat new stream on Mixer that I decided to visit. We connected pretty quickly, having very similar personalities and senses of humor. We were having our own little girl chat while our stream host was playing games and trying to keep up (girl talk usually means we’re talking in a language that goes over a man’s head anyhow!). I had a blast with her, and looked forward to seeing her again.

We connected several times over the next two weeks or so, and we always had fun. Once, when she wasn’t there, the host explained why and sent me a link to follow. I did, and that link led me to Shellie’s continuous medical condition and struggles.

Shellie is currently in the 4th month of this most recent hospitalization. She has currently had 31 unique diagnoses about her health and she fights to overcome those she can and accept the rest. I’m going to (attempt to) add a link at the end of this post so you can all read her story.

Learning that about her, and seeing how positive and loving she is was overwhelming. I certainly know I struggle with a few mild medical issues, and I can’t begin to imagine dealing with so many. And the pain she lives with is often excruciating. Her body has grown tolerant of the three major drugs used to treat pain. In fact, they recently sedated her for 24 hours just to give her mind and body a chance to rest without feeling that pain. This was not the first time. And yet, there is a strong will inside her that fights to keep living.

The next time I went back to the stream, Tinkerbell was there, and the music being played in the background was, I learned, covers that she had sung before she got so sick. It was like listening to an angel…. a voice clear and strong but not overpowering (to those that know a little bit about music, her range is 2 octaves plus 3 notes). A few of the songs I knew, those I didn’t know I listened to very carefully for the lyrics. It was, to say the least, very soothing and yet very profound. And then, a song I didn’t know was playing and while I can’t remember the title just now, it was about two children saying goodbye to their mom, saying that they understood that she was only an angel on loan to them.

Shellie has two young sons. That song touched me so deeply that I started to cry. I mentioned in the chat that it had made me cry, which made her sad. I managed to pull myself together and then she told everyone that the next song to be played was to be dedicated to me. Well, that song started and that was pretty much the moment I went into her heart and, as I mentioned, saw and felt the love from her flowing towards me on the outside. That was the point when I broke. I sobbed for at least 5 solid minutes – nose running and all. And you all know the rest from my previous blog…

While I’ve always believed that we have angels watching over us, I’ve never really given thought to angels among us. I mean, we have heroes and we have people who go out of the way to show kindness to strangers, but I don’t truly think of them as angels.

But Shellie? To see her capacity to love so deeply despite what is going on in her life – yea, I believe that she is an angel on earth. And I believe I have been blessed and changed by that belief.

I believe, I believe.
Sometimes, teach us who we can be.

The link above is where Shellie’s story can be found. I don’t expect anyone to donate to her, since you don’t know her. However, if you have a few pennies to spare, it would mean the world not only to her, but to her two precious boys. They get so excited to call their mum and tell her that another donation has been made. I’ve donated, and will continue to do so, just to know I’m bringing them such joy.

And that’s my story….