But a Wish

This is exactly how I feel! I know I’m not alone in this feeling, so when will those who feel the same band together and do something to change what is into what could be?


If humanity would seek to change

How we treat a fellow person

Our perceptions we must rearrange

Or the divide may well worsen

We, in life, can ill afford

Our narrowed and biased views

Where hate can cut like any sword

From the venomous words we choose

It is not the ‘them’ or ‘you’ that counts

But the ‘us’ that sees a life through

Respect a check that does not bounce

Yet only cashed by the woken few

Put feigned differences aside for now

And accept we are all the same

If we can’t live side by side somehow

Then hate and bigotry are to blame

For we are each just another being

Struggling through all that is a life

With open eyes it’s worth seeing

That our differences are rather slight

We all seek to be happy and safe

To live without fear or prejudice

But if we cannot…

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2 thoughts on “But a Wish

  1. A beautiful message. I wish it was so simple as to just unite everyone so we could all live and breathe side-by-side and lend a hand where possible.. Perhaps someday!

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