A Poem of No Regrets

There are days I seldom think of you

Any thoughts are fleeting and few

And days you’re all I think about

And the pain becomes fresh and new.

We knew our love would never last,

Knew that it was stolen in time,

Despite the fact that it was true and full

I knew it could never be fully mine.

So on the days I think of you

I focus on the memories I cherish

Your love may not be in my world

But its feelings will never perish.

I have no regrets for what we shared

Even knowing it would end.

The joy you brought into my world

Will be a forever friend.

So, wherever you are,

Whatever it is that you do,

Know that in the deepest fold in my heart

My love for you will always be true.

I never thanked you for all of the joys

Though quickly I spoke of the pain

And somehow, still, I hold out hope

That we might meet again.

No one can ever fill your shoes,

It’s senseless for someone to try.

My heart still rests tightly wrapped up with you

In a place where no one can pry.

This poem has no ending,

The love still very real.

And I will take with me to my grave

These feelings that I feel.

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